Sam’s Successful Season

Sam’s had quite a good season. His rating started the year at 1780, peaking somewhere around 1870, before finishing somewhere in the 1830s. Not having anything better to do with his time, he played at more or less every tournament in East Anglia. This ensured he jointly won the EACU Marcus Misson Memorial Grand Prix (Back Right) which is awarded for the highest aggregate score across them. Along the way, he won the Norfolk Challengers (Back Left) and U1825 sections (Front Right) at the Norfolk Championships and finished joint second at the EACU Closed Championship in the U1950 section. The final trophy he won is the Suffolk League Division 3 Player of the Year (Front Left). We’re slightly tempted to confiscate this one and smash it – he won it whilst playing for local rivals Saxmundham!!

Like many good chess players, Sam has now fallen into a trap. Winning things means you have to start playing decent opponents and losing games 😱 This’ll give the rest of the us some peace from his now gargantuan ego. Just teasing…Best of luck for next season!

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