Woodbridge wins Suffolk League Division 2

Saxmundham A lost to Stowmarket last night, concluding Division 2 and leaving Woodbridge narrowly in first place. This means that Woodbridge should be promoted to Division 1 next season.

Congratulations to everyone who played for the team: Peter Gemmell, Tim Wesson, Sam Gaffney, Chris Skirrow and Dan Such. In particular, I’d like to highlight the performances of Dan Such and Peter Gemmell . Both were undefeated.

This is quite an achievement for Woodbridge Chess Club. We were only founded in 2017. In our first season (17/18), a team, with some of the same players, won Division 3 and were promoted to Division 2. The team only ever competed for one complete season in Division 2 (18/19) as the 19/20 season was suspended and the 20/21 season was cancelled. The fact that our team has gone from winning Division 3 to winning Division 2, in a very short space of time, is a testament to the dedication to both chess improvement and the club shown by team members. I’m sure we all commend you.

Let’s just work on our rapidplay skills for next season guys 😉 *

*for those who don’t know, we were quite spectacularly knocked out of the Rapidplay League Cup…

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