Miscellaneous Pictures of Woodbridge Players at Felixstowe

In these pictures Chris Skirrow of Woodbridge clashes with David Robertson (Felixstowe). Woodbridge Chairman Mark Weidman also valiantly battles Peter Gemmell (sometime Woodbridge Board 1, mostly Felixstowe A Board 1). Originally thought to be from one of the Woodbridge-Felixstowe friendlies in 2019 or 2018 or a Felixstowe B-Woodbridge A league match, it might be these photos (taken by Phil Hopkins) are actually from a Felixstowe club night Chris was naughtily attending!?

Dave Robertson (Felixstowe) plays Chris Skirrow (Woodbridge)
Woodbridge Chairman Mark Weidman clashed with Felixstowe A Board 1 Peter Gemmell

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