Felixstowe vs Woodbridge U1500ish Super Friendly League

The Woodbridge “B” team went to Felixstowe for a friendly, and hopefully the inaugural match of the U1500ish Super Friendly League. With COVID reducing the number of teams in the league this year, we wanted to give our B team players a few more games and let some new players have their first competitive chess match!

Despite the Dooley Inn, Felixstowe’s new venue, being a bit too noisy for me, the team managed a 2 – 2 draw – with Harry Elman claiming he actually found the music relaxing!! Full results below (September ratings first, followed by live ratings):

1 (B)1473 (1510)Such, Daniel0 – 1Hemsworth, Gary1645 (1628)
2 (W)1203 (1242)Ross, Bernard1 – 0Robertson, David1443 (1426)
3 (B)1200 (0)Elman, Harry1 – 0Brazkiewicz, Victor C1368 (1364)
4 (W)1000 ()Cater, Sam0 – 1Barty, John1285 (1282)
Total48762 – 2Total5741

Playing the Alekhine, Dan’s opponent played a slightly off-beat response and leading to an exceedingly odd game which had Dan foxed. Bernie won a pawn fairly early and eventually beat his higher rated opponent, convincingly advancing two pawns down the queenside. Harry had a fairly stylish exchange sac to create a winning king and pawn endgame. This was Sam Cater’s first competitive match, and although he didn’t quite get the right result, he played on valiantly after going a knight down. His games is given below:

Sam Cater (e1000) vs John Barty (1285) Felixstowe – Woodbridge Friendly 7th December 2021

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